Dr. Vicenzo BAGLIO
Institute of Advanced Technology for Energy (Italy)
"Pd supported on Ti-suboxide as bifunctional catalyst for air electrodes of metal-air batteries" (Code_D2_49)
Prof. Richard BAKER
University of St Andrews (United Kingdom)
"Interplay of composition, microstructure and performance in Ce-Zr mixed oxide nanopowders for solid oxide fuel cell anode materials” (Code_B2_83)
Prof. Antonio CHICA LARA
Polytechnic University of Valencia - CSIC (Spain)
"New Bioethanol Steam Reforming Catalyst Based on Structured Manganese Oxides (SMOs) Promoted with Ni" (Code_F2_97)
Dr. Gonzalo GARCÍA
Institute of Materials and Nanotechnology. University of La Laguna (Spain)
"Electrocatalysis on metallic carbide catalysts" (Code_AF2_98)
Prof. M. Ángeles LARRUBIA
University of Malaga (Spain)
"Pilot Scale testing of Ni-modified catalyst for H2 production by ethanol steam reforming" (Code_F4_59)
Prof. José Angel PEÑA
University of Zaragoza (Spain)
"Behaviour of freeze-casting iron oxide for purifying hydrogen streams by steam-iron process" (Code_F2_47)
Dr. Carmen RANGEL
National Inst. of Engineering, Techn. and Inn. (Portugal)
"Stability and durability under potential cycling of Pt/C catalyst with new surface functionalized carbon support" (Code_A2_101)
Dr. Sergio ROJAS
Sustainable Energy and Chemistry Group (Spain)
"In situ IRRAS study of the electrooxidation of ethanol and acetaldehyde in acid media" (Code_A2_60)
Dr. Stefania SPECCHIA
Turin Polytechnic (Italy)
"Optimization of a Fe-N-C electrocatalyst supported on ordered mesoporous carbon functionalized with polypyrrole for oxygen reduction reaction” (Code_A2_26)